The Versatile Blogger Award !! My 11th Award so far…..

I don’t know what to say..I am truly touched that I am being nominated again and again for the Versatile Blogger Award …Thank you so much  ”  ”  for the nomination…..feeling proud and blessed !!!!

This Award is the 11th  from a Series of Blogger Awards I have received so far….

  • 4 Sunshine Blogger Awards;
  • 4 Versatile Blogger Awards ;
  • 2 Liebster Awards; and
  • 1 Mystery Blogger Award  !!


“The Versatile Blogger Award is an initiative for bloggers to highlight the work of other bloggers, helping each other, after all that is what the blogosphere feeds: sharing.”

It is an initiative to publicize blogs with less followers, this Tag is like a joke  but still it turns to be very effective to meet new fresh bloggers  as well as experienced bloggers with talent as I am to start the prize I’m going to nominate a blog, then the rules are simple:

Thank the person / blog that indicated it
Include the blog link that nominated your blog for the prize

( Thank you Dear ===>>>

Select and nominate another 10 blogs to attend:

And write 10 facts about yourself to the person who nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. By participating in this contest you must wear my logo above “blue and pink crown at the beginning of the post.

Morning Thoughts

Ten Facts about myself

I, Me and Myself –   Always smiling and cheerful !!

I am a Self-Motivator – I don’t need someone to inspire or encourage me, I have been through hell of a situations – I just fight back silently, pat myself and again back to normal !!

Hard-working and self-sufficient – I prefer to do all my activities – without depending on others help – be it my daily household chores or at workplace – I don’t feel any activity as small – whatever is possible I try to do it myself !!

I love to be well-dressed – everyday is a new day – to celebrate life, if you dress well, you feel lively !!

Though I am introvert basically, but I can boast of many people around me sharing their top secrets – so maybe they feel that I am a secret-keeper and I won’t betray them (my siblings tease me as “Agony Aunt”); I am always ready to patiently listen to others !!

My Daddy has been, is and will always be my First Love (God snatched him away from me 2 years ago, but still he is there with me always in all my good and bad times – watching from Heaven above) !!

I love myself to be seen as Young and Beautiful always……. (not physically but by Heart and Soul).. I believe that Age is just a number, true beauty lies within you and your attitude !! So Be healthy, feel younger and smarter always !!!

I love to play and interact with small babies and tiny tots because they are innocent and pure at heart.

Music and Dance are my favourite stress-busters; I cannot dance to a choreographer’s steps..I love to dance to my own style…

I love Coffee !!

Choosing 10 blogs for me is very difficult, because everyone has a lot of quality, culture, knowledge. The rules, however, must be followed. So, the choice is for each one independent of the ten mentioned here, because they all deserve it. My thanks and hug.

10 Nominations !!






11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award !! My 11th Award so far…..

  1. Congratulation, dear friend and thank you very much for nominating me 🙂
    Last summer I have stopped to be involved in awards and think that it is time that others may also have
    these opportunities in participating in it (as I already have many many awards).

    Anyway I very much appreciate being nominated by you 🙂
    All good wishes, my friend
    In thankfulness

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