Are you a SIWO person?

Are you a SIWO person?
Who is a SIWO person?
If you have the SIWO spirit,
Then you are a SIWO person;
SIWO people are
People who love others sincerely,
And like to see them happy;
SIWO people are kind;
SIWO people are faithful friends!
Faithful companions;
SIWO people spend a great deal of time
inspiring, motivating, encouraging
And helping people to bring out
The best in them;

SIWO people stand for an excellent world
For all to enjoy;
They stand for peace, justice, opportunities for all;
They want the world’s blessings
To reach everybody.
SIWO people are the light of the world;
SIWO people don’t pretend to be perfect;
They only fight to do their best;
SIWO people don’t condemn anybody,
They help people grow from where
They are to where they should be.