O Captain, Our Captain!

O Captain, Our Captain!


Welcome to the Starship Success Inspirers World! You’ll be able to spot our crew members by their pictures on the site’s Board Introduction page…

Our Fearless Leader, having set up that page, just as he has set up this whole ship and recruited its amazing crew as well, we feel, deserves a page of his own in introduction, so we surrounded him one afternoon and plied him with a few questions.

Now you can get to know him too — a light filled spirit who is making a big success of this journey already for all of us.

And the thing is — as you’ll see — he does it with the use of only one rule, one law, aboard this whole ship — the Law of Love.

And makes it work.

Think it’s impossible? Think again.

Check him out:

Hello, dear friend to us all!

Thank you for taking time from your rapidly growing worldwide effort to answer a few questions on behalf of this beautiful starship’s passengers…


What is the mission of Success Inspirers World?

Thank you so much dear Ana, for this interview and your kind words of introduction.

The mission of SIWO is to build something beautiful for the world.

We want the world to know that we are one people no matter where we find ourselves, what the color of our skin is, what language we speak, and whether we are rich or poor, we should be working together in love to make the world an excellent place for everybody instead of a place for joy for some and a place of suffering for others.

SIWO is out to promote a world of love; a world of opportunity, a world of success and a world of joy for everybody. That is why our tagline is “Opportunities and blessings for all.” We do not see why anybody should not have the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves, and have the blessing of actually bringing out the best in themselves.


How long have you known you would be doing this kind of work in your life?

Since college more than forty years ago I have known I was born for this.

I got the inspiration in college, and when I started my career as a broadcast journalist, it exploded.

I call myself the father of positive or possibility thinking in my country because I was the very first journalist, in 1981, who started broadcasting to carry positive thinking to the people through the mass media. It was from me that more than 99% of people in my country learned about positive thinking and that we are each born to do great things.

The very first motivational program in our mass media, named “SUCCESS HOUR,” was created and run by me.


What inspired you to begin?

As a student, I had the intuition that there were certainly books aimed at helping students excel in studies. I started searching for such books to teach me to excel in my school work.

Then I came across The Power of Positive Thinking which I read and re-read. In fact, I swallowed and digested its content. It did great good to me because, with all humility, I was outstanding in my school performance, topping my class for as long as I was there. This spurred me to continue to search for and devour positive thinking literature.

It happened by God’s design that I switched from teaching to Journalism, where I found an opportunity to help as many people as I could to bring out their hidden talents. I did not let it slip through my fingers.

I created the program I just mentioned – “SUCCESS HOUR.” When I was promoted and transferred, in my new station, I created a slot titled “SOMETHING USEFUL,” for which I am more known than for anything else.

Into this slot I brought whatever I thought could help my people to be better people, and my country to be a better country. It was, and remains, a resounding success.


What inspires you to continue?

What inspires me to continue is, first, my belief that what I am doing is my purpose in life. I believe it is what God put me here to do.

I am fully convinced that the world needs the work I am doing. There are billions of people in the world who are just letting their talents waste away. They are letting their dreams sleep or die, whereas they should be awake and moving mountains.

Another thing I know is that there are millions of excellent people in the world who would like to see the world an excellent place for all. They will be willing to come together to combine forces to promote good, excellence, love, help — in short, any value that can make the world a better place. I have been discovering them and many like you are already on board with me. That has energized me.

I am fully aware now that I am not the only one wanting this type of work to be done for the world. Billions want it too; and if we can find a way to combine our efforts we will do what will look like a miracle to many.

I am convinced we are headed for victory; for resounding victory. I thank God for this wonderful blessing!


Is it true that you welcome here all writers who wish to contribute to our growing body of positive, motivational and informative works from around our planet?

Our doors are open to all.

One thing I really do not like is exclusion. Nobody should be excluded from the opportunities of life. Nobody should be excluded from the blessings of life. We should all be happy together. Our Creator means the world to be a place for all to enjoy.

Please, let us help all we can to enjoy this world. It does not cost anything to give motivation, inspiration, encouragement, prayers, love. Let us make all these get to everybody.

We are therefore open to all. Everybody is invited here to give and get inspiration, motivation, love, kindness, smiles joy, happiness, and everything good.

We want to grow into an ocean of the best in life for all.


How many writers do you have contributing now?

Many authors are contributing on SIWO; and the number keeps growing. It is amazing. The followers are in their thousands.

I adore all these people. You are all gold to me. Who can be more precious than the people who are in your team?

People amaze me with their love and the spirit to support. I keep asking myself why, with so many sweet people in the world, we still have the conflicts and wars and killings and suffering that we see.

We have to get all the good people in the world working together to thwart the plans of the few evil people, because together people are a formidable force.


You help so many people to live their dreams — both your hundreds of writers and your many thousands of readers. What is your dream?

I have many dreams all woven together, somehow.

I dream for the world to become an excellent place for all. We can make it happen, It may not happen in our lifetime, but we are setting the ball rolling.

Of course, we cannot do it alone. Millions of others are doing it too in their different ways. What we need is more synergy.

This forum dreams to become a center of that synergy – an ocean of love, inspiration, motivation, help, and encouragement so that people who come here get what they need to shine, to be the best that they can be; to rise to their dream lives.

I believe that if people realize their dreams, if people bring out the best in themselves and realize their dreams, they will give their best to the world, thereby contributing to make the world an excellent place for all.


Finally, the Moon is our first stop — where are we all off to after that?

The Moon will serve as our spring board! God alone knows how far we will go…

What I know is when we reach the Moon we shall spring from there, and head for the universe, hahahahaha!

I don’t have all the answers concerning where we will end. That is why I have set up a Board of Directors from different countries in the world. SIWO is the WORLD IN ONE PLACE.


Permit me to say one thing to you, Ana. With all honesty, you are the most amazing person I have met on this journey. Truly I have wonderful people around me but what you do is miraculous to me.

I am not just talking, the stats are there to back what I say. I really don’t know how you do it, but there are days that more than half the pageviews from this site come from you alone. I call you my giantess.

To you and all our sweet friends, I say may God shower you with ever more blessings!


We’re all looking forward to this journey, very much!

There are some colorful characters on board, so the after-hours debates, philosophical ramblings, dances, arts events and — um, just a few little parties — should be way entertaining!

And then of course there’ll be plenty of writing about it all.

… You coming? …