oh yeah, she said (reprise)

oh yeah, she said
i know just how you felt
we’ve all been through it here
just ask aroun

why i remember jus as
clear as you standin there
backin out a li’l country shack
with a baby on one hip
another one inside me
an a knife in ma hand
just about long enough
with everything in me
screamin’ at him to
get away
or i’d use it for sure…

did you go, i asked
knowing the answer
already by heart

he got real quiet, she said
all of a sudden en said to me
put down that knife and come here
so i did

i waited two three more months
had my baby
got m’ shit together
and then ah left that sonabitch
hadn’t been no place ta go to
woulda died maybe
hadda get out
that’s all i knew

some places
in this world they
catch y’en kill ye fer leavin

so that’s why we’re here for, honey
just passing it on a little
pretty soon liz’ll take
all the kids for an hour
why dontcha
kick back for a few?