Absent Respect

Circumstances now amend
Exchange which had been at an end:
Seems may a little glory be
Associate potentially
You crave to be known, suddenly
As my adoring friend
And thus create yourself anew
In that so wished for public view

I love you just as much as I
Love Genghis Khan and Hitler too
Each put much energy to try
For fame, the same as you
But being loving doesn’t mean
I don’t see them as small and mean
Lacking completely in my view
Truly redeeming value to

Back when I was just coming on
You commented my posts upon
With long winded insouciance
Sarcastically reference
My choice of word or phrase
Yet now you unctuously commence
Another tack completely on
Replete with fulsome praise

Better explore yourself, my dear
The cosmic Light is bright’ning here
Tactics which worked for you before
Just won’t work so well any more
Revealing in transparency
Formerly hid hypocrisy —
Of honesty your present score
Will not get you though that crystal door

I see you’ve progress making been
So far, you’ve done but to begin
True selflessness is still as far
From you as Moon and planets are
The Laws of Love being Here applied
We able are work side by side
But praise from me do not expect
Nor indications of absent respect


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