It is a woman’s world … Enjoy the attention !!

Not just in the temple…. Even in life, we are always in search of different women…

It is a Woman’s World indeed; Enjoy the Attention … lady !!!

First it is Vidya (education), then Lakshmi (wealth) – finally it is Shaanti (peace).

From Usha (dawn) to Sandhya (dusk) we are at work – seeking Anna (purni) (food).

At Nisha (night) we seek Nidra (sleep) and Swapna (dreams).

Whether we chant the Gayatri (mantra) or read the Gita (epic), we are still with women. If in dark, we want Deepa/Jyoti (light), if we are lonely we want Priya and Sneha (love and friendship) and if  we are thirsty, we want Jalaja (water).

If we are at war, we want Jaya (victory).  From those who are more powerful than us,  we want Karunya (sympathy). From those who are pushing us down, we want Kshama (forgiveness).

wow…. So It is a woman’s world indeed💃🏻😀😀