Live life to the fullest

Death is bound to happen,

So why fear it?

Everybody is going to die,

Doesn’t that bring a little comfort,

Why focus on the negative?

Instead you should be focusing on,

What you have control over,

The things that make life worth living,

And do it to the fullest,

Because since we are going to die,

Wouldn’t the pain of leaving the earth,

Be less painful when we are fulfilled?

I believe if you do your best you have nothing to be afraid of,

You have done your part,

Now it’s time to hit the sack,

for good,

Of course, there are people who die to soon,

I don’t mean them, but most of us,

The people who are going to have long enjoyable lives,

Look at it this way,

Would you really like to live forever?

What’s the point?

I mean, if you do, you probably see it like,

I want also my friends and family to live forever,

So, with that said,

Why would that go well?

I mean, you are there for forever,

There’s so much time to mess things up,

And you wouldn’t be able to keep up the excitement of life,


Things would soon become mundane,

Also, the sun would eventually explode,

 and you would die in pain,

Not in peace,

like you could have, if you died naturally,


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