Burning fire of love

With this fire of love
Burning in my yeart
For you,
No distance will keep you
Away from me;
If you are across the ocean,
I am coming;
I will get to you;
If I do not find a ship
To sail me across;
Nor a plane to fly me over,
All I know is I am coming;
I will find you;
And take you in my arms;
And your warmth, I will enjoy;
No storm will frighten me;
I will swim across the ocean
Till I get to you;
And should the storms sweep
Me off to eternity,
There, I will wait for you;
Can you have a feel
Of the depth of my love?
It is as deep as the ocean;
And burns like a furnace;
Only you can put out
This fierce fire of love
Threatening to lose control
And cause damage
That will be hard to repair.

love poetry


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