Do not believe them

Are there some people around you who always find something wrong in what you have done or are doing?

Are there people around you who are always telling you in one way or another that you are not good enough?

I want you to understand such people. Know what they want. Know why they are doing that.

They are afraid you may shine. They want to dampen the light shining from you. They fear you may shine brighter than them. They want to discourage you.

Do not accept. You may listen to them, but do not believe them. Let them fail in their evil design.

Keep doing what you are doing and even better. The future is great for you.


6 thoughts on “Do not believe them

  1. This is awesome, thank you so much for these encouraging words that are so true. When I get nay-sayers come against me, I just allow them to see me shine even brighter and hope that by doing so they learn how to shine brighter within themselves because that nay-sayer may be the victim of nay-sayers against them and they may be just reflecting what they themselves are going through by doing it to you and that is were lead by example can be very powerful in helping to encourage others.

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