After the Changes — The First Few Months

Hello, hello, my wonderful friends!
No, don’t stop what you’re doing
Here, I’ll hunker down beside you
Want a little help while I’m here?
I could shell those while you grind ’em…

Yes, I’m actually on a mission
Tom’s got a dandy little solar cooker
Almost all made from an old pizza box
Just needs a little tin foil for the reflector
Seen any of that go by lately?

Oh, wow — check that out!
Almost new
Sure you want to give that up?
Well, cool, thanks!
Bring you some food from it
Soon as we get it in the sun!

Oh — speaking of — word is
When you go to the community storehouse
If you like yams, take those first
They got some sun during harvest
Need to be eaten

So, what’s been goin’ on around here?
Anything you need I might have?
Oh, you know what —
You don’t have leaks, right?
Because if you do
My other buddy mixed this stuff up
Out of pine tar and grass
Works like a charm!
I’m a way drier dude!

Okay, well,
If you think of anything
Just come by sometime
They don’t call me
Mr. Connector
For nothing, you know!…


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