Don’t listen!

There are many things
People will tell you;
Listen to some,
But not to all;
Listen to those
Worth listening to;
Don’t listen to those
Not worth listening to;
If they tell you
You will fail,
Don’t listen to them;
What do they know
About how determined
You are?
What do they know about
God’s plan for you?
If they tell you
Not to dream big,
Don’t listen to them;
Why shouldn’t you dream
Big when you are born
For big things?
You have to dream big;
If they tell you
Not to take a risk,
Don’t listen;
Who can make it big
Without taking many risks?
Many things, indeed,
People will tell you
To do or not to do;
Don’t listen unless they
Are worth listening to;
But you must listen to God;
Listen to God alone;
Where he tells you to go,
Do not hesitate;
And go at once;
And keep on going
Till you get to where
He wants you to reach;
Listen to nobody who tells
You to stop,
Or to change course;
Let He alone tell you
When to stop;
Where to stop;
And how to stop;
Let Him alone tell you
What to do
And what not to do;
Every other oerson,
Don’t listen!


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