Give it a chance

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The weather is hot, the minds are hot.

All around the world the news are super hot.

Fear surrounding, minds disgusting,

what to stop and what to carry around is now I doubt.

People vibrating negative emotions,

Making things tough to grow in happiness.

Killing and rape, dirty politics and war is the game,

Insecurity and fear is the king and love is rare.

Let’s change the vibration of all that is happening around,

Let’s start from our own self and soul, for a change.

Give no heed to the negativity that’s been created,

Imagine and dream of a beautiful year to come later.

Let’s​ not give the negativity to surround us,

Let’s vibrate the love and positivity we want around us..

If each one of us can leave the insecurity and think of positive surrounding,

Trust me that day will come soon when we’ll have love and care around…

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