SIWO GLOBAL NEWS 23rd April 2018 #7

Duke and Duchess welcome their baby

Knowledge is Wealth

Prime Minister Theresa May has led the way to wish Prince William and Catherine,the Duchess of Cambridge, congratulations on the birth of their third child.  A baby boy weighing 8lbs 7ozs was born just after 11 this morning at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.  The labour appears to have been quite short, the Royal baby is fifth in line to the throne.  News persons from around the world and well wishers  had positioned themselves in front of the hospital.   They hoped to catch a glimpse of visitors, perhaps the older siblings George and Charlotte.

During the London Marathon, Matt Campbell a semi-finalist in last year’s ‘MasterChef – The Professionals’ collapsed and later died. He was an experienced marathon runner.

Brexit is at the forefront of economic and political topics.  Custom Union is of particular concern. Theresa May indicates UK will leave the Custom Union.  The Labour leader, Jetemy Corbyn, thinks that after Brexit, UK should sign a new agreement.  Last week the Lords voted against the leaving the Custom Union. The advantages of this Union is that, countries who sign up to it can trade with each and have no internal tariffs.  They pay the same tariff on goods coming in from outside the EU.  Countries cannot make independent deals. Members of Parliament (MP)s will have a symbolic vote on Custom Union this week.

Due to computer failure during an upgrade, the Trustee Savings Bank (TSB) revealed some customers accounts to other unsuspecting clients.

The number of workers doing Zero Hour Contract is predicted to increase.  This unfortunately means there will be no cushion of secure work.  They face casual work and they get paid according to how many hours worked.

Reports of a Breaking News-  Theresa May has declared a national Stephen Lawrence Day, an annual event for the 22nd April. He was suffered a racist attack and was killed.


President Trump welcomed President Macron of France. On their agenda will be talks on Trade, Counter-Terrorism, Security as well as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

There is a man hunt for the attacker who killed 4 people yesterday at the Tennessee Waffle House.

In Nigeria, the parents of the Chibok girls were involved in an accident.  One was killed and 17 injured when travelling to visit their daughters.

Inspirational Story

A cattle dog  called Max stayed with a missing girl until she was found.  In the sparse and deserted Australian Bush they slept under a rock.  Max is truly a ‘girl’s’ best friend.

SIWO GNews #7

Content-  BBC news, CNN, NHK

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful



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