SIWO Global News 24th April 2018 #8


Knowledge is Wealth

This is the first time a statue of a woman  has  been unveiled at the prestigious Parliament Square.  This bronze statue of Dame  Millicent Fawcett sculptured  by a woman artist is next to the statues of 11 men.  Many prominent political and business women and figures , as well as people from all over the world gathered to celebrate the difference she made.   A suffragist from the age of 13, in 1866 at 16 years of age she started a petition for the right of women to vote and collected thousands of signatures. She believed that non violent means would achieve her aims. 50 years after she started the movement it happened.  This year is the centenary celebration of women gaining the vote in 1918.

Her nearest relative, 81 year old Jennifer Loehnis was present. Theresa May, PM, told the attendees that, not only her but none of the other female MPs would be in Paliament if not for the work of Dame Millicent Fawcett.  Sadiq Khan commissioned the statue after Caroline  Craido-Perez started an online campaign for this statue to be set up.  It will forever stand among the figures of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

Pope Francis is praying for Alfie Evans whose father he met last week in Rome.  The child is very ill in Aldey Hey Hospital in Liverpool.  There are groups showing support with prayers and solidarity.  The Italian government has granted him citizenship and arranged a transport to take him for palliative care in Italy. However, permission is not being granted to the family.

Animal cruelty to horses have been flagged up by the RSPCA.  In the last year, nearly a thousand horses have been found abandoned ill or dead, on roadsides and countryside tracks.

US  State Visit of President Macron to President Trump continues with a ceremonial planting of a tree and holding of a press conference.

George H W Bush whose wife Barbara Bush died last week has been admitted to hospital.

In the Middle East, the death has been reported of the Yemen Rebel Leader. Sale al- Sammad was killed in a Saudi air raid.

India elections are due in April 2019 and  debates are in full swing.  The incidents of the rape of young girls have made the discussions enter historical maltreatment of one religious group against the other.  The main religions are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. The political parties are BJP led by  Narendra Modi and INC led by Rahul Gandhi.

Zimbabwe’s nurses were striking over poor working conditions and lack of medicines in the hospitals. They are going back to work on Monday but have also made a Court application for the Vice President to cancel the action he took to sack all the nurses.  His reason was that he feels the strike was a political motivated one.

Inspirational Story

Free Expression Awards

Half a century ago at the Olympics, while standing on the Medal Stand Tommie Smith and John Carlos made a raised fist statement.  They made a protest against segregation and racial discrimination in the US.  Both spoke that people should not go for non-involvement and look for comfort.  John Carlos said he acted for the next generation, for his son.  Other award winners were the journalists who exposed the recent sexual abuse scandals involving Harvey Weinstein and the former U.S.  Olympic Gymnastics Team Doctor Larry  Nassar.

SIWO GNews #8

Content from BBC News,  CNN, France 24.

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Peaceful. Be Joyful .Be Careful.




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