in Limbo

My buddy Gastradamus has cranked out another one from the fragment of his imagination….


He came at night waiting anxiously. As I laid in Limbo I saw him. I say a prayer before I close my eyelids, because I don’t want to risk the chance of falling asleep without one. He may need it.

It’s usually cold and dim when I arrive. Each visit is erie. It starts with a floating sensation in darkness. After that it progresses into reality. Its like being transported to a scene from a movie and this time a man was standing in his backyard looking up at a tall tree on a bright Sunny day. He had a beautiful lawn with bright green grass and all of a sudden I saw lumber fall from the sky. Stacks of wood could be seen piling up around him. A boy came into the picture running into the man’s arms. They hugged and began to work on a tree house together…

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