It’s A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love

It's A Wonderful Time to Be In Love cover

     In the dreary days of early spring, our hearts listen to the sounds that only come with warmer evenings. We pray to God for peace around the world and reverently request our dreams be heard to bring a resolution to all His chosen people. Though flowers shower us with scents, the rain leaves us closing our eyes as we try to exhale. It’s a wonderful time to fall in love!       

     We try to spring forward, but it’s God’s timing that ultimately causes the seasons to change. So, we resume our fight against the remaining strife of cold. I hold your hand as we close our eyes and say a prayer, “Thank you, Father, for making us bear the wrath of winter.”

     The sun peeks through the morning foliage. The remnants of night linger on like a charging platoon of Civil War soldiers, commencing a military march. Onward and upward! God calls on Dawn to bring us the morning light. It’s just a wonderful time to fall in love while I dream of standing on a shoreline beside you, holding hands. We greet the morning’s obstacles remaining from the prior day, armored with only our coffee in hand. Though our thoughts are full of loose ends, our hearts restrain, as tomorrow our list will surely grow longer. Before God, love grows stronger, and the sun radiates our Father’s love. Spring flowers dance in the crystal blades of the yard.

     God knows the hurdles we bear and stands by us as we stay in prayer. The world is full of mistakes and errors, but we face our savior with a smile in our heart. Yes! It’s a wonderful time to fall in love! Born again, life starts over. Through the ominous heavens, our hearts unite as God in heaven anoints our endeavors. Rejoice! God is with us all!

Psalm 19:1

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”




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