It’s Time


They tell we women that if we expose
This or that inch of flesh we ourselves doom
That common sense ’tis — everybody knows
That by so doing, careless, we give room

Provoke, acceed to, willingly invite
Unto ourselves a violent attack
Since we so heedless male passions ignite
Just recompense is what we then get back

These protestations fail, though, in the light
Of worldwide study past two decades done
Which finds the circumscription of delight
By which our human happiness be won

Appropriate: Forbidding bodies view
Prohibiting exercise of free speech
And unallowance of the willing to
Arrangements satisfactory to each

Those studies did such regulation find
Increase to rather than to reduce crime
Twisting beauty to error in the mind
We need to loosen up — yes, it is time.


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