M Path (Outbound)


It’s not resentment that you feel
You know my grievances were real
And know, too, a thought’s a thing
Receiver repercussions bring
You’ve found your serenity
With what you tried to do to me
And, since I forgiving be,
Do so appropriately

It’s not anger I receive
But you surely may believe
Receiving something, that I am
An energy each moment damn
To falling objects, clinging line
Misplacement of things are mine
Tools and tasks which fall apart
Blocks to manifesting art

No, it’s not for me that you pine
I’m just the one was last in line
On the path which you have built —
I am exper’iencing your guilt
For all the other spirits who
Paid that price to bolster you
While patting yourself on the back:
“Providing something that they lack.”


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