SIWO GLOBAL NEWS 25TH April 2018 #9


UK news shows Prime Minister Theresa May clashing with the Opposition leader Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn over the row regarding the¬† migrants from the Commonwealth who came by invitation.¬† This happened in their weekly Prime Minister’s Questions Commons session, which takes place every Wednesday.¬† Theresa May revealed a Task Force has been set up to help those who came from the Caribbean and other Commonwealth countries between 1948 and 1973 to formalise their status.

The 2014 Immigration Act required migrants to show papers in order to access services such as health and housing. Apparently, the PM when she was the Home Secretary was warned it would have “dangerous repercussions.”

This issue of obesity in children in UK is at the forefront of health matters.¬† Their excessive intake of sugar was demonstrated by checking the sugar in the amount of breakfast cereal a group of children ate in the morning .¬† Hugh¬† Fearnley- Whittingstall asked the children to serve their normal breakfast portion into a bowl.¬† He then weighed each bowl to check its sugar content.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The numbers were 48g, 58g,¬† 59g, 78g, and 120g.¬† The manufacturer’s recommendation of a portion was 30g per day.¬† All the children exceeded this and one child actually had 3 times the 30g.¬† Hugh¬† and the mothers wondered why the manufacturer had put this figure on the packet.

The US First Lady Melainia has been put in the spotlight, as Trump holds a State Dinner for President Macron and his wife, Brigitte.¬† With red carpet, a row of Guards and a fanfare the guests were welcome to the White House in Washington DC.¬† This would be cementing their “special relationship”.¬† Melaina like all the women with the title of ‘First Lady’¬† is represnting the nation in an official role.¬† She oversees every aspect of the event, making the decor, china and flowers stand out and the food superb.¬† One ex -White employee said she has style and a culinary background.¬† In a video released by the White House, she is choosing swatches for the tablecloth, discussing with the chef and the florist.

Macron at the US Congress gave a speech to both houses of Congress and attacks nationalism and isolationism, and  expands on the ills of such policies, being a threat to global prosperity.

The Philippine government is serious about environmental priorities. It has closed a whole tropical paradise island of Boracay, for a 6 month clean -up to take place. 600 Riot police has been sent in to help the 138 strong crowd dispersal- unit as the move is not popular with every one.  With an increase in tourism and cruise liners, the President R Duterte feels the island  management are not running the services efficiently. A sewage pipe can be seen letting its contents into the sea.

Inspirational Story

One of the ‘Lost Boys of Sudan’ civil war has a start-up selling coffee in Richmond, VA, US.¬† ¬†The funds go to help those currently in the refugee camp he never forgot.¬† The 734 Coffee name represents the coordinates of the camp.¬† ¬†Manyang Reath Kher sells the coffee at events, online and in Coffee shops, it is a very popular hand roasted and packaged product.¬† At three years old he was a refuge after his village was attacked and he got separated from his parents.¬† Like some of the 20,000 others, mostly children he walked a 1600k journey to Ethiopia to safety. They lived in the Gambella Camp and at 16 years of age he got the chance to go to the US as an unaccompanied minor refugee. In college he studied¬† International law and also started The Humanity Helping Sudan Project.

The project provides fishing nets, water wells, pens, educational aids and  promotes community garden and a scholarship system.  He believes getting the people to be involved in working for their daily needs and future prospects gives them a brighter outlook of their lives.  They are able sell the surplus food produce and save money rather receive handouts.

SIWO GNews #9

Content from BBC News- UK, US, Asia, BBC video, CNN, VoxAfrica, ITV.

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful, Be joyful, Be peaceful.




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