Slow to Learn, Does Not Play Well With Others


Modern explorers of a Pyramid
Built thousands and thousands of years ago
Came on a tablet in its bowels hid
Helps us to human nature better know

‘Twas writ by the high priesthood of that day
All chock full of direst invective be
Excoriating in its figured clay
The prospects of their coming century

Because youths of its own, so hopeless, were
Lacking respect, lacking in industry
Contemporary leaders could infer
When fell on them responsibility

Requiring their attentions not to lapse
Toward some recreation more preferred
Society’s whole structure would collapse
Utterly and permanently interred

Beneath the sands of dread disinterest
In favor of light-minded pleasures so
This kingdom that their fathers gave their best
In one unheeding generation blow

And in the labrynthian passageways
We find out how the laborers amused
Ignorant selves on their less busy days
Wherin elective moments they would use

Carving those slanting walls graffiti on
Full of predictably plebian jibes
In one man’s case, aspersions cast upon
The useless efforts of all female scribes!

Have we succeeded, our entire mad race
In learning not one thing in that whole time?
Of heightened understanding little trace
Be found in our similarly sad clime

Take we the information offered up
By this huge planet’s scattered history
And match we all those puzzled pieces up
Enhanced in future wisdom seek to be

Or are we doomed endless to recreate
Each morbid Hominid stupidity?
I should a tablet of my own create
And have it buried right along with me!


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