This is chat time

Hi Friends! How was your day? Can we share here?


22 thoughts on “This is chat time

  1. It’s been great so far….got to go to a card making class and made some beautiful cards for some special people in my life, and plan on going to a special event tonight….the day looks bright and I have high hopes for the rest of the week.

  2. Wowser! Refreshing and Inviting change! Amulya has outdone herself!

    I was chatting with her on my lunch hour 12:30 EST USA! Amazing it was 9:30pm her time.! ( way beyond my bedtime) 😆
    That is what happens when you have such a glorious opportunity to connect with someone special in a different time zone.

    Then N pops in, it’s 5:30 his time. Connection around the globe!

    Exactly what SIWO is aspiring to do.
    I am in!

    What do you think?

    • Yeah it was amazing to see at how different times we are. And thank you ! You are amazing !
      I guess, it must be night there by now? Right 🤔
      Hope you had a beautiful day !

      • Thank you so much Amulya. I just woke up to find your message, an alert on my WordPress app. ☺️😃 ☕️ I’m drinking my morning coffee and still groggy from a deep sleep. Ha ha. 🙈 The dogs are frolicking out back in the darkness.
        It will be light soon. 🌞.
        I wonder how your day is going? What is your weather? We are supposed to get rain today. ☔️
        You have a very special gift, you’re imaginative, intelligent, kind and sweet. 🍰
        I hope today brings you laughter and many granted wishes.
        Many hugs – K 🌷

        • My day is going well and your words added more flavour to it 😘🌸
          It’s 4 pm here. I took a day off from college and went out with some friends. I had a lot of fun !!! The weather is hot but it might rain in the night. So, rain for us too !! Yay!!
          How’s your day going? What are your plans for today !

          • Happy Very early Saturday, Amulya.
            🐥☔️ Let’s see. I worked all day. Took some fun pics at lunchtime. Then came the rain. Beautiful warm Spring rain that will help our grass start to grow and wash away what’s left of the icky snow. Lots of wildlife has come out. I see deer 🦌 and turkeys 🦃 in the fields on my way to work in the morning.
            The squirrels are out gathering nuts already! Big gray ones with bushy tails. I can hear the birds singing praise to the warmer weather. My friend B says he hears the peepers (frogs) 🐸 when he drives by the ponds on his way home from work! A giant change from snowfall and freezing just a couple weeks ago!
            I walked just over a mile when I got home, relaxed and ate spicy shrimp, rice and jalapeño peppers for dinner. Then, oops fell asleep on the couch. Big dog, Chief woke me up, nudging me with his cold nose, to say, “Hey mom! Time to go to bed!” Lol. We only slept a few hours so we can get some writing done, house work, shopping and probably a nap 😴 today. 🤣🤣
            Your note made my day very special.
            What are you up to on this fine Saturday?

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