Wife beating (chat time)

I thought wife beating was long dead. I am wrong. I have been getting stories of wife beating in some societies. Are these stories true? I have been married for thirty years and have never beaten my wife.

Why would someone beat his wife? Are women sometimes to blame? What is your take on wife beating? How can it be ended?

Let’s talk. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Wife beating (chat time)

  1. In the United States of America, there is wife beating that is called Domestic Violence. Usually, the husband has many problems he has not dealt with. He takes his frustrations out on his wife and often his children. However, it is not confined to merely wife beating. Some women are also violent towards their husbands. The cycle of abuse and wife beating, comes from the enemy of our souls. He wants to stop the unity and strength that comes from husbands protecting and loving his wife. Violence carries on through the generations and causes untold problems including murdering the wife, by the husband, due to rage and anger that was there long before the marriage and the wife.

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