Blogger of the week -Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Boundless Blessings by Kamal


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Look around everywhere, what you find?

Hatred, disappoinment, killing is all you find.

What you sow is what you reap,

People are sowing hatred, anger and disbelief,

It’s a request stop this please.

Some fight for cast, some are filled with lust,

Respect and care is now all in dust.


We have the power to turn around,

Make the world of love, respect and kindness that surrounds.

That is what Kamal “Lotus” believes,

Spreading dreams of love and belief.

Lotus blooms in dirty mud, so her belief of spreading love,

In the world of hatred and dispare.

Let’s spread blessings let’s spread faith,

Love and hope, positivity and dreams,

Boundless blessings is all that it speaks.

Kamal through her blog spreads a vibe of positivity, great teachings and inspiring quotes. If one wants to change their minds and believe in positive things in life this blog is a sure thing for a ride..


15 thoughts on “Blogger of the week -Boundless Blessings by Kamal

  1. I thank you profusely my dear friend for giving me such an honor. I really feel so happy and blessed to have all my bloggers who have inspired me and said so many beautiful things on each and every posts. I thank my God who is all of us who is guiding me through Him to write these posts on my boundless blessings blog. He is with all of us guiding us towards a world of kindness, compassion and love away from all its negative feelings. Love and hugs to you dear and to Success Inspires World.

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