God knows

God knows why;
God knows when;
God knows how;
I have no reason
To panic;
No reason to worry;
No reason to fear
When God is
In control
God is in
Full control;
I shall go to bed
And sleep soundly;
I shall sleep
Like a baby;
God knows why;
God knows how;
God knows when;
God is in control;
In full control.
I am confident;
Thank you Lord.


2 thoughts on “God knows

  1. Comment To Post On My Brother’s ‘God Knows’ Post.
    Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 10:18 am.
    Father? It’s so early in this day, and? I’m already running out of esteem and enthusiasm. Maybe I should keep away from reading what goes on in this world?

    No change. Not visible change that is. So? Why am I so heavy, my Father? I know You are in control of it all. I know You are working all things for our good, but!

    I remain heavy—a weight on my soul. Am I sore. Am I still carrying bags that I have no business to carry? You have set me free. You have cleansed my soul.

    Perhaps I’m stuck on my expectations for change. Expectations of any kind? A sure recipe for disappointments.


    Unless You do the work? I refuse to follow my mind inclinations to do one thing or the other to relieve whatever it is that is troubling me. I know You have the answer for me. I wait on You.


    It’s 5:06 pm. Been reading a lot. Reflecting on what I read. What do I sense as I read the headlines You quicken me to read?

    I see self-confidence. Why do I cringe at the sight of self-confidence? O my Father! Show me the way. My confidence is in You.

    I know without the shadow of a doubt: You know why; You know when; You know how; I have no reason to panic; no reason to worry; no reason to fear, and? I don’t!

    I know by experience, You know why, You know how, You know when all is to happen. You are in control? You are in full control and? I have no problem to go to bed and sleep soundly, but!

    That got nothing to do with my self-confidence in what I know! My reason for no panic, no worry, no fear of any kind, and sound sleep?

    Not because I am confident and super-sure. Nay! It’s all because I am my Father’s little girl resting underneath His everlasting arms.

    He brought me into His Secret Place to take care of me. He knows of this insanity ridden world’s tribulations attacking me, but! He overcame the world for me.

    No matter gloom or glee? Peace. Power. Love. Wisdom Father invests it all on me especially when I lack confidence, or? In the ‘depth of despair’ I find myself, like Anne of Green Gables used to say.

    My precious Brother, I read the post. I sense it to be a reaction to my latest posts, and? I wanted to remain quiet—no comment, but!

    Father led me to come to the journal and express what I sensed as I read the headlines He quickened me to read. Had not the slightest what was I to write or to do with whatever I was to write, until?

    Father inspired me the punch line! Then I heard: “Post this to comment on your brother’s post.” Sure hope to bring a big smile to your face, and?

    One of those signals that we are still loving brother and sister under Father’s loving care and protection.

    The heaviness in my soul? Where is it? GONE! Father flung it away far from His little girl to trouble her no more! Hahaha! HalleluYah!

    Much love, thiaBasilia. 😊

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