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Photo “His Kiss of Life,”By Wendell A. Brown. 2014, McDonough, Ga.

Believe in doing good to others,

spreading smile across is his wish forever.

Selfless sharing and caring he trust,

we are children of the same living God is what he spreads.


Nourished and blessed by two utmost love,

God almighty and Deborah his wife his love.

Every post that he wrote, where words daily come alive,

makes you smile and gives you hope.


World can change to a better place,

if we believe in love and faith.

Smile along, trust the God, have some faith and

Good will come and world will change that’s for sure.


A great author – Wendell A Brown, a firm believer in love and faith and most importantly trust the GOD almighty. Who knows that every happening has a reason behind it, and its upto us to make take the best of the moment. He knows that every individual deserves to be loved and hence want to spread smile across the humanity. His post are a pleasure to read.

Thank you for giving us such wonderful work and also making us believe in love.


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  1. Thank you for the blessing that you sent my way! Know that all you share is inspiring lasting smiles which become treasures in our hearts! May God continue to bless you all the days of your life and beyond!

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