If you lack money…

If you lack money,
The reason is not hard to know,
You have a problem with money.
If you are poor,
You have a problem with money;
Fix your problem with money;
And you will see money.
The problem you have with money
Makes money run away from you;
Fix your problem with money;
And money will flow to you;
Do you know your problem
With money?
Your problem with money is
You don’t love money;
When you don’t love money
Money does not love you;
And does not come to you;
When you love money,
Money will love you,
And come to you;
That is how money operates.
Hate it and it hates you
And runs away from you.
Love it and it loves you;
And runs to you.
If you lack money,
Change your hatred for money
Into your love for money.


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    > Success Inspirers’ World posted: “If you lack money,The reason is not hard > to know,You have a problem with money.If you are poor,You have a problem > with money;Fix your problem with money;And you will see money.The problem > you have with moneyMakes money run away from you;Fix your problem w” >

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