SIWO Global News 7th May 2018 #21

Knowledge is Wealth

UK Foreign Minister meets US Secretary of State

Boris Johnson goes to meet with Mike Pompeo in the US to talk about Iran Deal.  The deal on nuclear weapons, which needs to be renewed within the next couple of weeks seems to be in jeopardy.  President Trump wants to scrap it, but Johnson, Iraq leaders and EU Ministers do not this to happen.  Johnson would like the deal retained so improvements can be made to it.

It’s hot, hot, hot

The hottest May Bank Holiday is how the TV weather men described the hot weather in London , East Anglia and West Midlands.  The temperature recorded in Northolt was 28.7 Centrigrade.

Precious Teen Lives

A second victim of rape who has been set alight in Jarkhand was taken to hospital by police.  Doctors observed the 17- year old girl to have burns to 50 percent of her body. The girl was alone in her uncle’s house and because she resisted her attacker, he doused her in kerosene.  She was saved by her uncle and aunt who returned just in time. A 19- year old man has been arrested

#Just let it stop.

A 17- year old boy lost his life from gun shot wound while playing football in the park in London with his friends. His mother sat on the grass to talk with journalists and appeal to the youth to stop the killings.  In tears, she said, “just let it stop” and asked for her son to be the last young person to die. 3 more gun shot incidents were in London over the Bank holiday, in Manchester and Oxford there was one incident each.

Bilateral Relations- Ethiopia and Keyna

The new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed visits Kenya to talk of bilateral relations for their economies and regional issues of security. a 2 Day State Visit with full state honours

President Salva Kiir on forgiveness

The South Sudan President Kiir in an act of forgiveness has asked Opposition leader Riek Machar to return home. Machar is currently in exile in South Africa.

Inspirational Story

This ordinary person called Rosa Parks made a difference, she was tired after working all day and wouldn’t give up her seat in the ‘colored’ section for a white passenger. On  the 1st of December in Montgomery she was arrested for civil disobedience.  This action sparked off the Montgomery Bus Boycott which in turn propelled the events of the Civil Rights Movement.


SIWO GNews #21

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