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Trump out of Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump pulls out of Iran Nuclear Deal. He is making connections with North Korea, China and Japan saying his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on his to North Korea to prepare for the US-North Korea meeting.   By referring to the U.S. allies, meaning European Union (EU).

Boris goes out on a limb

The UK Foreign Secretary, Boris  Johnson goes out on a limb and has called a plan of Customs Union  favoured by  Theresa May PM, crazy.  This  is Customs Partnership, and after Brexit  the PM’s plan is to collect import tariff on behalf of EU and at the end of the year it will be passed on to the EU. It is causing  great problems between the two camps, Brexiteers and Remainers. Mr Johnson feels it will interfere with UK’s ability to make trade deals with other countries.

Pensioners and National Insurance funds Millennial?

It looks like in striving to create a fair  financial world and housing opportunity for those in the 20 to 35 age bracket popularly named millennials.  pensioners could be the answer.  The Resolution Foundation Intergenerational Commission reckons pensioners or baby boomers who work should pay National Insurance.  This would bring in £2.3 billion for the NHS.  A Social Care fund could receive a similar amount funded by a property tax.

Among its many recommendations is that 25 year olds should be given  £10,000 to help them get on the property ladder.  Many people disagree with some of their recommendations.

The price of travel in London/UK

A public consultation for passengers, to give their opinions and discuss a series of proposals to make fares cheaper and ticketing systens easier to use is being arranged.

Inspirational Story

Choose your friends wisely

Choose your friends wisely is the advice gleaned from this story.  Ross Capicchioni was a 17- year old boy in junior High school in Michigan.  He had a friend he had known for 10 years, one day the friend asked him to take him to the East Detroit area. This side of town was notorious for violence and he refused.  But his friend persisted for weeks and in the end Ross agreed.  On 6th June 200, his friend bought the gas/petrol for the journey and they went.  Although Ross has a funny feeling, that something bad would happen, he also thought he had known the boy for years, so all should be well. As soon as they got to a grassy area behind a house, the friend shot him in both arms, his chest and head.  He then used the butt of the shotgun to hit his face and left him for dead.

An inner voice told Ross to get up, even though his arms were hanging off, there was a hole in his chest and he kept going on and out of consciousness.  He got up, walked, till he was seen, helped and taken to hospital.  After five days he was sent home to recuperate, the doctor felt if he survived such brutality then he would be alright at home.  He testified against the friend, who had shot him as part of an initiation act to get into a gang.  With the support of his family and friends and his passion for skateboarding,  he regained his health and his strength.  The judge gave the friend 35 years in prison.

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