Rapid Results College

Many people of my age group, will quickly understand when I talk about Rapid Results College. Based in London, this institution provided students, who were studying on their own, with notes to help them pass the General Certificate of Education Examination without tears.

I do not know if that institution still exists. What I know is we no longer write the London General Certificate of Education Examination.

In my community, and most often, when we talk about rapid results, we are referring to the practice of having many children within a very short time with minimal age differences. This may be so because the parents want to have their children fast and then stop it.

Many people advise against rapid results in childbearing for many reasons. Of course, there are others who are staunch advocates of this practice; and certainly, they have their own reasons which can best be appreciated if they share on the topic.

Is there anyone ready to share their stand on this matter? If you are ready, please, go ahead and do it.


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