SIWO Global News 10th May 2018 #24

Knowledge is Wealth

President Trump welcomes back 3 free prisoners from North Korea.   The President is saying this is a good gesture prior to his meeting with Kim Jong Un. He applauds his own diplomacy for achieving this feat.  The free men; a Christian missionary, a Pastor and a University Lecturer.

Later on in the day Mr Trump tweeted his meeting with Kim Jong Un would  take  place on 12 June 2018 in Singapore.

RBS Fined

The Royal Bank  Scotland, was fined in the US for its role in selling mortgages and leading to the financial crisis.  The agreed to pay £3.6BN.  The UK government  may decide to privatise the company it baled out of financial problems.

De-escalation of tensions

Israel and Iran are exchanging rockets  and air missiles.  Israel is sensitive about Iran being in Syria and positioning itself close to the Israelian border. World leaders are sending  messages for them to de-escalate the situation and prevent a full-scale war.

UK Interest Rate Decision

The Bank of England has announced the Interest Rate will stay at 0.5% until later in the year.

Inspirational Story

In Scotland, a school has introduced ‘The Daily Mile’ whereby the school children will run a mile every day.  Every child  in the school is encouraged to take part. Teachers tell the children to change their shoes, no special clothes are needed because everyone runs in their school uniform.

Scientists monitoring this activity are measuring Mean pulmonary arterial pressure (mPpa).  Results show and it is therefore scientifically proven, the Daily Mile improved fitness and improved body composition and reduces the time the children spend sitting down.  The children appeared to enjoy a breath of fresh air and the exercise.

Other schools around England have adopted the Daily Mile.  The school head mistress hopes for all schools around the world to introduce this into their curriculum.


Content from BBC news, ITN

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful





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