I am Slowly Learning That :-

  • I Don’t Have To React To ‘Everything’ That Bothers Me.
  • I don’t have to hurt those who hurt me.
  • Maybe the ‘ultimate’ sign of maturity is walking away instead of getting even.
  • The energy it takes to react to every bad thing that happens to you drains you and stops you from seeing the other good things in life.
  • I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • I won’t be able to get everyone to treat me the way I want to be treated.
  • Trying so hard to ‘win’ anyone is just a ‘waste’ of time and energy and it fills you with ‘nothing’ but emptiness.
  • Not reacting doesn’t mean I’m okay with things, It just means I’m choosing to ‘rise’ above it.
  • Sometimes ‘not’ saying anything at all says everything.’
  • Reacting to things that upset you gives someone else power over ‘your’ emotions.

I am Slowly Learning That, Even if I react :

  • It won’t change anything,
  • It won’t make people suddenly love and respect me,
  • It won’t magically change their minds.


I am Slowly Learning That :-

Life is ‘better lived’ when you ‘don’t’ center it on what’s happening around you and simply just ‘center it on’ what’s happening ‘inside you’ instead….
‘Work’ on yourself and your inner peace and you’ll come to ‘realize’ that ‘not’ reacting to every little thing that bothers you is the ‘first ingredient’ to living a happy and healthy life.




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Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

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