Who can find an answer? Can you? Tell us, no.9

It seems to be many people choose the wrong partner for marriage; otherwise, how comes many marriages seem to be made in hell. They are full of challenges.

My questions is what do you do to choose the right partner for marriage? Any tips? Do you have comments on what people are saying about how to choose a partner for marriage?


2 thoughts on “Who can find an answer? Can you? Tell us, no.9

  1. I’m thinking that as more and more people start finding themselves as a whole person (religious people would say with God, non-religious may say higher or true self) That marriage is going to fall by the way side, loose it’s purpose. As less people identify themselves with their relationship, it will be easier to let people go about their own paths without trying to hang onto them for selfish reasons. So some partners may be for short periods of time and others may be for a very long time, but it should be only if both souls are growing. Too many relationships hold each other back for the sake of making-it-work. Might not be the reply you were looking for but it’s the only way I can answer that.


    1. Thank you for participating in the conversation. You do the right thing by giving your honest answer. The issues we raise are for free discussion, learning and growing together. Anyone who things differently is invited on board so we see their own stand. At the end of the day, each person can freely draw their conclusion n

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