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Every child born in this world is a gift of god,

A way to say that life goes on.

Some bring joy, some make us great,

Some are gifted and some are special.

Kids born with special needs are special in themselves,

As they see the world with all new imagination.

Warriors are the parents of such kids,

Especially,  the mothers for they need more than what we need.

Such kids are creators and masters of their own world,

And mothers of them are epitome of strength and patience to all.

Today I take this chance to let the world know,

That a journey with a special kid is a Psychological and spiritual learning as time goes.


This is the 4th week when I am trying to introduce a blogger to you. This world of blogging is vast, and each author is awesome in their very own way.

Being a mother of two kids I sometime end up pulling my hair due to their tantrums and fight, and imagining a mother taking care of a special child (autistic) who needs more care and attention, I can just simply bow my head and pay my respect to them.  This blogger (I am sorry I could not locate her name) has taken and faced all the challenges to bring up her handsome child and still continued to believe in the true spirit of love, spirituality and learning. The pictures of her son which she has shared are so beautiful, he is a real beauty. Hope you all will enjoy reading the blog AutismPsychologySpirituality as i did…

Thank you dear friend for sharing your journey with all of us and making us realize that how important it is to be patient, to have faith in God and in love. Also how important it is to keep learning every day instead of being sorry and cribbing for the present situation.


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