SIWO Around the World Positivity Picnic Party MEET and GREET Link! 5/12/2018





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This site, Success Inspirers’ World, SIWO, is not the genius of one person alone. It is the genius of lots of great minds. Over sixty rich, fertile and highly respected positive thinkers publish here. it is an international community of bloggers also known as International Friendship Blogging Forum.

We do what we enjoy doing best in life -inspiring, motivating, complimenting, encouraging and helping people to think positively, set big goals for themselves, bring out the best in themselves, work as hard as they can and achieve what they most desire.

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Ngobesing Romanus,

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46 thoughts on “SIWO Around the World Positivity Picnic Party MEET and GREET Link! 5/12/2018

  1. So welcoming and empowering! This Meet and Greet Party is not to be missed. Thank you for setting it up. I have come from far away in London, England. I like making friends so the more links the merrier.
    Inspirational Quote

    “there is honey here but no bees”
    African proverb from Zimbabwe

    It’s free to take any wisdom, inspiration, skill or friendship from here (SIWO) with no ‘bites from bees’.

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      1. 🙂 Thank you for the loving response… I feel your hug through your words, and reciprocate. I hope that you have a wonderful day, full of life and love and people that multiply those sentiments thusly.

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  2. I am from Cumming, Georgia USA.

    “I believe there is perfection in our flaws, grace in our missteps and beauty in everything that surrounds us. I am perfect in my humanness, no matter what it looks like.” MD

    I write mostly about eating disorders and body love, but my main philosophy is that everyone is valuable, no matter their background, looks, talent, race, creed, or financial staus. I believe if everyone respected themselves for being a part of God’s creation, this would lead to a better world, where understanding and acceptance would outshine hatred and bitterness. Thanks for your inspiring blog!
    Merri Deal

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      1. Thanks! I’m in Franklin NC as I write this. Yes, it’s a small world in physical dimension, but also in values that we share. I love this blogging community and how supportive and positive it is. Thanks for reading.

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