Who can find an answer? Can you? Tell us, no 10

When a young person goes wayward, who is to blame?

Is it the young person in question? The parents?
The teachers?
The school?
The young person’s environment?
Or their peers?

This raises the whole issue of child-upbringing which some people say, because it is poorly done, is responsible for the negative direction the world is taking.

The argument is that if children are well brought up, they will not be authors of evil; and thus, will not be contributors to evil in the world.

When they are badly brought up, they become wayward, and contribute to the evil in the world. Thus, this poor child-upbringing which is everywhere, explains the growing evil in the world.

What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Who can find an answer? Can you? Tell us, no 10

  1. In general, I would agree, yet we hear so many stories of people that made it through the depths of hell and came out swinging. We also hear of those brought up in the best of circumstances who turn away from their upbringing and go the opposite way.

    I would tend to believe it is how much love is in the family. And so many times, the parents don’t get taught love, so they cannot teach it. It’s hard to teach what we never experienced.

    My belief is we do our best and we pray for the rest. God Bless!

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