My advice to you

You ask me to advise you;
Yes, I will advise you;
My advice to you is simple;
And it is this:
Keep on working hard;
Keep on pursuing your goal;
Keep on going for it;
Keep on and keep on;
Even if it seems you are
Laboring in vain;
When the time comes
For the fruits to be ripe,
Nothing will stop them.
It may take long,
But it will come;
And that shall be oural time
Our time of joy.
I encourage you;
Do not stop half way;
Do not give up;
Keep on going and breaking
New grounds;
This is my advice to you;
I hope you listen to it;
What is more,
I hope you follow it.


3 thoughts on “My advice to you

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  2. quietwoman

    Beautiful poem. I never thought I’d come this far in my faith….that God would ever even think to use me to help His people. Thank you for your lovely poem. Can you help me. I’m so nervous. So feel like God is upset with me. Not doing enough. Not giving enough. Not giving my best.
    I want to help the homeless too, but I feel I need tracts. Sometimes I just cant find the right words. One man encouraged me: try and do a little more each day. Don’t stress yourself out too much over the # of people you talk to every day. I don’t think I can preach on the street corner, but hand out tracts, sometimes speak at ladies events, sometimes AA meetings. Sometimes at church, sometimes one on one.


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