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Balancing Celebrations in Israel

One hand there is celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israel, and on the other hand there is mourning of 55 Palestinian killed by soldiers and 1000 more injured, some of whom are not even of teenage. The opening of the US Embassy went ahead with many European countries voicing their disapproval.  South Africa has recalled their Ambassador.  Peace be to Jerusalem for all who dwell in her.

The MI5 Boss

Mr Andrew Parker was visible to the world publicly and strong in his rebuke of those who are forces of threat to UK, Europe and the world.  He mentioned terrorism and the use of nerve agents, and encouraged the EU and UK security to continue working together.

Tackling Obesity in Children

In Manchester statistics show that in the Reception class of 3-4 year olds, 25% of children are overweight.  By the time they reach Year 6, the end of primary education, 40% of them are overweight.  The measurements of the children are going to be done yearly, in order to review each child’s progress.  The work will have the input of the parents, carers and the Head teachers.  Taking active part will help families and schools to work together for the common cause of the health of the younger generation.

India Dust Clouds

Dust clouds continue to cause havoc and fatalities in the States of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.  Reports are of 70 dead and many injured over the weekend.

Royal Wedding Week

Like most couples Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must be checking off their to do list.  In the meantime, everyone else or most people excited about weddings per se are speculating about her dress, tiara, bouquets etc etc. The town of Windsor has been freshened up for the occasion and sales of souvenirs have increased

Inspirational Story

A Vet’s Unique Mobile Business

Before midnight of the 3rd of March 2009 a plan-to-action moment happened that made Dr Wendy McClelland an entrepreneur.  The vet drove around the icy streets of her town, Airdrie, Alta, in her green Saburu Outback posting the homes with milkbone doggie treats and flyers.

She was advertising her new Mobile veterinary business.  She got 2 calls the next day, she was excited.  Validation came of the need for her unique  business when a dozen calls followed in the ensuing days and weeks.

 Today, Vet To Go  employs 31 people and is a compassionate in-home care one-stop business.  Its spot was 72 on the 2017 Profit 500, a ranking by the Fastest -Growing Companies in Canada.

Dr Wendy McClelland is the Chief Medical Officer, and co-owner with Greg Habstritt, a series entrepreneur who started advising the business on service, product, accounting, branding, in fact all aspects of business not familiar to her. They diversified into many areas after surveying their clients’ needs and when a request increases, examples are for pharmacy, food(dietary) delivery, complimentary work, pet accessories, hi-tech clinic with a pharmacy and also a theatre to perform more complicated operations and a Paws to Rest.

Vets To Go has loyal following and clients spend more on pet accessories than on toys for their children.  Clients like the stress free care they and their pets feel because it is given in the comfort of their own home.  Dr Wendy McClelland wants any new service to elevate the quality of life for everyone; the staff,  the client and the pets.


Content from BBC news, Channel 4 news,

Reported: Susanna Dziworshie

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