The cry of a desperate child

Who will hear my cry?
Who will hear the cry
Of a desperate boy?
I feel for myself;
I cry for myself;
Let me cry out my sorrows;
Let me cry out my lungs;
If I can ever do;
Sorrow fills my heart;
It seems to grow bigger
By the day;
My sorrow tank never runs dry;
Some people grow in luxury;
I grow in sorrow;
I grow bigger in abject poverty;
Some people live on delicacies;
I know not delicacies;
I hardly have a full meal a day;
I cry for myself;
I mourn for my wretched life;
Some people are spoiled
With love from childhood
Through adulthood;
And throughout life;
Some people are swim
In love; and bath in
The warm stream of life;
But nobody to love me;
And nobody for me to love;
Some people enjoy peace
At home and everywhere they go;
Some people are anxiously Waiting;
And living a life free of worries;
My life is beset by worries;
Fears and doubts;
What life has offered me
Leaves me no reason to hope
That tomorrow will be better;
That my misery is just
For today;
See my eyes how swollen
They are from all my crying;
pour on sad tears;
That my inner core may be empty;
That a downpour of tears
And sorrows, we may have
No more.


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