Who knows what is ahead?

What is ahead is hard to know;
What is ahead is downright
We are going through perilous times;
No one is sure of anything;
What may come may be the best;
What may come may be the worst.
Of one thing alone we are sure;
Which is our hope and our joy;
That we have a God who is alive;
That we have a God who loves;
And who cares;
And who is available
To come to our aid
Whenever we call on him;
As you go out today into the world,
Do not fail to call on him
To show you the best way to go;
To be your guide and your light;
To be your inspiration and motivation;
To be your courage and strength;
To be before you and behind you;
To be by your sides above and below;
That no weapon fashioned against you
May prevail;
That you may end this day standing
Tall in your ivory tower;
Because we have a God
Who never fails
Those who put their trust in him.

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