Comment and earn reward -The Nkwato / Asanji story.

Nkwato was the son of very rich parents. He lived in luxury. He was driven to school in a Prado. He went to a leading primary school in his locality; and later to one of the best secondary schools in his country.

He had much pocket allowance – 100.000 cfa francs every term, the equivalent of two hundred dollars.

Asanji was poor. His parents couldn’t make both ends meet. They sent him to a mission school where school fees were insignificant even though they still found it hard to afford it. Often, the boy was sent home for school fees.

The two boys were in the same class though in dofferent schools. Surprisingly, Asanji graduated with the best results in his region. He had ten GCE O/L papers with ten As and one B.

Nkwato had a bare pass – 5 O/L papers with no A grade.

Tell me. Have you ever heard something like this? How can this be explained? What advice would you give to young people drawing a lesson from this story.

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13 thoughts on “Comment and earn reward -The Nkwato / Asanji story.

  1. Nkwato had everything given to him and did not have to work for anything. He had an attitude of entitlement and saw no need to excel. Everything thing was provided. Nkwato did not have any vision for achieving well in school because he thought he had already had it made. Money and status were already his, so he saw no need to work hard in school. On the other hand, Asanji valued education and was motivated to change his situation. Good grades and an education opens doors to scholarships and jobs. He also went to a missionary school, where he learned about Jesus the Christ and he became a believer. He had a vision of getting an education and helping his family get out of poverty. He knew that studying and applying himself would change his life. Additionally, he enjoyed the process of learning at school and he was inspired.

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  2. Nkwato had every comfort in life which he didn’t earned at all!! He got all comforts of life so easily that his parents forgot to bestow him the value of things he had. He took everything for granted!!! Having money is not a great deal but to tackle the amount is not everyone’s cup of tea. Where the other boy was leaving a hardship life!! He knew with how difficulty his parents were earning money and wanted their child to do best in his endeavours and lead a better life as compared to theirs’!!
    Moreover the second boy proved no matter in what school you are studying if you have the will to do something one would surely achieve it!!

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  3. This is really common. Here in India, I’ve heard so many times that “A rickshaw driver’s son cracked IIT!” Whereas, the children from really rich families don’t even score well enough to get into an esteemed institute without giving donation. I’m not the one qualified enough to give any advice in this matter. But still, according to me, we can start by changing our mindset that poor people’s children can’t do anything. They’re the one who see their parents struggle for their education so they’re the ones who value what they have. Whereas, the rich children don’t know even the S of struggle.

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    1. You may not be “the one qualified enough to give any advice in this matter” but you have given far better advice than many who may see themselves as qualified. This boils down to something you have said so well – mindset. Don’t you think you may have a negative mindset about yourself? “I am not good enough. Others can do it better than I. Who am I? Ha ha ha ha! You have to change it. I see you to be full of potential. Wake it up and get it going. Let the sky be your spring board! For the comment you score 5 likes. Bravo!


  4. This is almost like the story” rich dad,
    poor dad” The rich son(Nkwato) had everything he ever wished for so he did not value the money being spent on him while the poor son(Asanji understood the difficulty his parents had to go through before getting anything he wants from them. Asanji valued his education and prepared for all his exams ,he got good grades while Nkwato didn’t work for his exams. They both got the grades they deserved.

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