Delightful Tuesday

What is joy after all? Is there a one word definition that can begin to describe the depth of this simple, miraculous word? I think not … but perhaps there is an infinite number of meanings found in the Word of God for this powerful word that makes all of the difference in a Christian’s life!

Joy is the peace that passes understanding.

Joy is knowing that we were created to rule on earth.

Joy is the crowd of witnesses that is cheering wildly for us!

Joy is the knowledge that nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Joy is singing and praising God amidst unpleasant situations.

Joy is exercising the right to dominate and being fruitful here on earth.

Joy is walking on water! Just ask Peter!

Joy is turning water into wine and feeding thousands with the lunch box of one generous little boy.

Joy is angels on a hillside over Bethlehem one starry night.

Joy is about the size of a mustard seed.

Joy is children … of all shapes and sizes … sitting on the knee of the one that they affectionately call, Teacher.

Joy is a virgin girl saying to an angel, Be it unto me according to your word.

Joy is a baby when you are 90 years old!

Joy is a stream in the desert and a way in the wilderness.

Joy is His miraculous, unquenchable presence in our lives and the newness of each day that reflects God’s ongoing work of grace. Grace that frees us from the past and offers a way forward.

Many thanks for coming around, until next time….


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