Earn 2 ‘Likes’ with one sentence

Use the word CAN in a sentence to inspire readers and earn two likes on your site as a reward. For every sentence, you will earn two likes. Do not make more than five sentences.

Happy blogging!


8 thoughts on “Earn 2 ‘Likes’ with one sentence

  1. I CAN move on from everything.
    You CAN live without that person you’re trying to get over.
    We CAN try and make this world a better place.
    People CAN change their mentality towards Depression.
    Society CAN change and support the people in it in trying to do something new.


  2. I CAN do things myself irrespective of my old age.
    I am aware of things,but CAN still go wrong in my decisions.
    Location Apps CAN track,where exactly we are.
    This CAN not be explained.
    Peace CAN be achieved only by means of constant talk and understanding each other’s limitations.

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