Get more likes without strain no 4 while sharpening your language power without strain

Strengthen your language power while earning more likes for your blog. Here, we give you a new word or idiom and its meaning to build your language power.

If you follow this program you will be amazed by how powerful you will become. Language gives power.

What is more amazing, we ask you to use the word or idiom in a sentence and you earn 4 likes on your site. A great reward, isn’t it? Many bloggers have benefitted. Don’t miss such a wonderful opportunity.

Today’s idiom:
To abide by and to abide with.

To abide by means to remain faithful to; to fulfil, to adhere to, (an agreement or a decision).
To abide with means to remain with

You now know what these two idioms mean. Make sure you know them well and appropriate them. Get them into your functional vocabulary. This means use them in your communication as much as possible.

Now, earn four likes just by using one of these idioms in a sentence. Write your sentence in the comment box below.

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Happy blogging!


12 thoughts on “Get more likes without strain no 4 while sharpening your language power without strain

  1. Sir, i really love the idea behind all your “Get more likes” blogs.I love how you help us learn new things and make us happy by appreciating our blogs as well. “Abiding by” the rules you have mentioned in this blog, my credit of likes will keep increasing 😆😋

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  2. 1…. You will have to abide by the referee’s decision.
    2… Failure of the parties to abide by the outcome cannot be sanctioned unless the award has been judicially confirmed.
    3… I asked him to abide with me for a longer period of time…

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