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Pageboy and Bridesmaid

Catherine and Prince William’s children, George and Charlotte will be one of the pageboys and bridesmaids at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.  The first rehearsal is tomorrow amid tight security. The Royal Wedding team and companies  with Royal Warrant make the military coats, uniforms and ceremonial tunics, the printers were responsible for the invites.

North Korea threatens to call off US meeting.

Kim Jong Un threatened to pull out of the meeting with President Trump.  He does not want the US to pressure him to give up the nuclear weapons. He also thinks the joint military exercise by US and South Korea is meant to be an invasion on North Korea.

Two Paliamentary Committee the Business Select Committee accuse Carillion

The Working Pensions Committee and the Business Select Committee accuse Carillion bosses of  ” stuffing their mouths with gold” while neglecting their staff who are now going without jobs and pensions.  The bosses have rejected these accusations.

NMC  criticised for failing mothers and babies in Cumbria

The NMC is criticised for neglecting the welfare of bereaved families and not handling the concern about some midwives. There were number of maternal deaths in the Crumbia Hospital as well as a baby’s death from 2094-2013.  The Professional Standard Authority made these observations.

Inspirational Story

The wonder of kindness

On the recent Mother’s Day a mother-of-two, Brenda Pearsons, received the best surprise gift from a customer who was a truck driver.  On talking to Brenda  while waiting for his food, David Platt found she had fallen on hard times.  She did this waiting job in the 4 star diner in Roland, Mississippi to help her make ends meet.  The cheeseburger he ordered was taking a bit long because the cooks got the order wrong. They talked about the Lord and her children.  When he finished Platt left her a tip of $1000.

He came back an hour later to buy a pie and again left her a tip of  $1000.  Brenda was so surprised, a gift like this and not even from her children.  Platt was humble and said “money as just paper or numbers on a screen.”  The interviewer said Platt considered helping people as adding something to the world, an investment and people are important.


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