My Life..My Choices..My Mistakes..My Lessons….

People are so intelligent these days…I am hearing things about me..I didn’t even know 😃

There is no need to call a person fat;

Have you ever seen the curve of her Smile?

Yes…if Size “0” is sexy then Size “00” should be double sexy !!

Look at her smiling cheeks when they turn into a tomato 🍅

You will fall in love ♥️ when you look at the way she Smiles 😍

Yes…being fat is Sexier…stay happy and healthy…

In this World of “bom diggy bom” be someone’s “tujhe dekha tho yeh jaana sanam”

My Life..My Choices..My Mistakes..My Lessons…. not your business…so just mind your own problems before you talk about mine…My Life is Not Your Story to Tell….


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