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Cladding ban on high-rise residential buildings?

There could be a ban on cladding of  high-rise residential buildings by the government after further consultation.  A Review if Building Regulations by Dame Judith Hackitt has fallen short of calling for a ban on cladding. This has surprised survivors of the Grenfell fire who have been critical of the Review and are calling for an outright ban on cladding.  In the Review  Dame Judith she was highly critical ofcyhe building industry and one of her recommendations is to have a new authority to oversee building safety.

Help to stop high gambling charges

A limit has been put on the betting slot  machines in shops, pubs and other public places.  £2 instead of £20 or £100 would be the limit per game.  The rules have come about due to the cases of gambling addiction arising from playing slot machines.  People were loosing thousands of pounds at a time and it was causing the breakup of families, povetty and mental stress.

Royal Wedding- 2 days to Big Day

Meghan Markle made a statement that her father would not come to her wedding due to ill health.  All speculation by the media can now cease for the happy couple to deal with situations as they arise.

Inspirational Story

Teen to a grown up with a heart

This teenager like most of his peers did not put himself out to help in the house.  He was quite happy to let his brother do all the work expected of both of them.  When his brother went away to college nothing changed, Joe still enjoyed his easy life and regarded himself as selfish.

Things changed when Joe went away to college and while there he got married.  Soon a baby was on the way but he pursued things that made him happy.    Household responsibilities followed.  It was shortly after his baby was born and his wife was asleep and baby was crying.  Joe picked the feeding bottle, held his baby in his arms and started   feeding  his baby.   Joe looked down and saw two big innocent trusting eyes.  He knew then that when you give love then your heart grows.


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