Trash to Treasure


Garbage. One simple, nasty word that can be applied to so many things these days. The inescapable epidemic of violence, American politics, the web of lies that both the pharmaceutical and advertising industries weave, or the nutrient lacking mountain of chemicals we refer to as our food supply. All garbage.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” Mahatma Gandhi

One of the views from my Toronto high rise displays the lack of balance in our world. Day after day those that have nothing search through the garbage of those that have too much. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, literally. Poverty or suffering without one’s basic human needs being met is a timeless, universal problem. One that we have obviously no interest in solving.

Where is the balance?

Maybe it’s trapped at the bottom of that stuffed to capacity garbage bin. Under the old stuff I got rid of because I bought some new stuff, or the extra stuff I had for a while that I wasn’t using and the stuff I bought on sale even though I already had the same stuff at home…Balance.

Most of us can’t even wrap our heads around any reality that is too far removed from our perfect, disconnected, selfish lives. Isn’t posting something on social media proactive? Screw social media and the little cocoons we build around ourselves while we stare at the flickering blue screens on our cell phones.

I dare you just for a moment, to truthfully imagine this:

Once upon a time,

You own and have absolutely nothing. Everything you eat is either a hand out, or comes from what you can find in someone else’s trashYou have nowhere to sleep tonight and every other night…The End


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