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Eve of Royal Wedding

The day started with the announcement that Prince Charles will walk Meghan Markle up the aisle.

Apart from those people coming from all over the world to celebrate at Windsor and in UK, those who couldn’t make it here are organising parties in their respective countries.  In most cases, they are connected with Prince Harry or Meghan or just happy for the couple.  The World Press have assembled their mikes and cameras for the occasion.

Is the wedding dress designer British or American?  That’s the question.  It is thought that the wedding is going to be worth £1BN  to the British economy.  The luxury goods market is especially great in bringing in American customers and tourists.

Ex Russian spy is discharged

Sergei Skripal has been discharged from Salisbury Hospital.  He thanked the medical team for their care, his recovery continues under strict security.  The political problems concerning the nerve agents are still a point of discontent  between Russia and Britain.

Legal and General launches 1st Gender Diversity Fund

The L&G Future World Gender in  Leadership in UK Index Fund (‘GIRL’ Fund) is expected to raise gender diversity standards.  These are for firms across the UK in the equity market.  More funds will be given to those who do more to and have achieved higher levels of gender diversity.  Investors are encouraged to invest their money to make a difference to these companies and wider society.

Inspirational Story

Horse riding changed Kai’s life- Showjumping  “Don’t condemn kids with ADHD” he said.

Due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder (ADHD) Kai had to leave school.  However, his love of horses is helping him to focus on his ambition to be a professional showjumper.  From his mother we learn, that coping with a child with ADHD is not easy and it has its trails and tribulations.  When Kai was excluded from school she had to find a way to fill his time and give him some sort of education. Seeing her son riding confidently now makes all the things she has to do to manage his ADHD worthwhile.

The first time Kai had been taken horse riding was at three and a half years old and he found he loved horses, there was an affinity. When he was excluded from school, he was devastated, it made Kai feel he was being written off.  But he knew he had to push through that obstacle. At the Centre he was at, a group was going horse riding, so his Mother put his name down to go too.

At the stables Kai was assessed on his ability and his mother was told of a charity, that could help Kai achieve his ambition to be a professional showjumper.  She wrote to Emile Faure’s charity, on reading her letter he was moved to accept Kai on their programme.  This was on unusual personal request because they normally deal with referrals from organisations.

When Emile saw Kai with the horses he could see, the natural empathy, respect and care the boy had for them as well as, his ambition, determination and focus to succeed.

Kai said, ” Don’t condemn kids with  ADHD, just because they are different”.


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