A breeze in the wind

I am a big man in a small world,

A piranha supposedly,

I don’t get the confusion,

It’s just an illusion,

Why can’t we get along,

My bone and flesh is mighty,

I don’t want to fight thy,

I don’t want to be,

A genius living in poverty,

I am what I am because of you,

Therefore, I can’t take away the pain,

My mental state is over you,

Washing away in the rain,

I don’t like to be precise,

But hell, yeah I might,

Drive a plane one day,

In to the light,

Burning my sorrows away,

Fucking right,

Suspicious thoughts leaves me drainless,

The music I feel is painless,

Why won’t you explain this,

Cause I don’t know if I can,

I don’t know the next man,

Strangle you with words,

Leaves me awesome,

I don’t wish evil upon this world,

I am aimless,

I am chosen to speak for the unspoken,

I don’t mean to say I am sorry,

It’s the truth,

I am younger as a youth,

My mind is older because of you,

I am speechless,

I don’t fear the weakness,

I am just seedless,

I can’t escape this mind of mine,

I am perfect in my imperfection,

I evolve with time,

I don’t wish to forget what I am made of,

I want to use what I am scared of,

A lion king for the win,

I simply can’t be untamed,

I am a lover, a freak of sin,

Simply a breeze in the wind,







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