Help us O Lord!

We look onto you O Lord!
On our knees,we pray to you;
When tension is so high;
When the future is so bleak;
When nobody can predict
What lies right ahead,
As it is the case now;
Who else shall we turn to
If not to you who put us
Here on earth;
It is time you intervene,
Almighty God;
We are all tired;
We are worn out;
We are in despair;
We do not know what to do;
Where do we go?
Who do we run to?
You know what we are
Going through;
You know our pain;
You know our sorrow;
You know our hearts’ desires;
You know our frustrations;
You know we are helpless;
Come to us;
Help us;
Rescue is;
On you alone we count.
Do not fail us;
In you alone we pin our hope.
Help us O Lord;
Help us, Almighty God.


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